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In the mid 90's Bruce and Molly Arnold were wandering the streets of downtown during a favorite annual event, Sunday on The Square, when one of the south's famous sunshine showers occurred and they docked for shelter in the entrance of 227 Hay Street. While there, Molly looked at the horrible condition of the building and the ones surrounding it and said, "I wish they'd do something with these wonderful old buildings". To which Bruce replied, "There is no they, if you think something needs to be done then do it". A few years later the opportunity arose to buy that same building and they did. Since the focus was on their downtown's revitalization, they knew they would also need to start a business to occupy the building once the restoration was complete. And thus, Rude Awakening coffee house was born.

We strive every day to produce a great cup pf coffee, provide good jobs to good people (that sometimes haven't had a prior opportunity to be their best), give and be part of our community, welcome all customers through our doors and provide them with wonderful service. 

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